EUNO· Update Nov 2020

Euno Coin
Nov 18, 2020

We would like to thank our EUNO· community, supporters, fans, partners, and most importantly our friends and family for the continued support during this crucial point in the life of EUNO·. So much has been done in such a short period of time and we are just getting fueled up for 2021!

Here’s an update on our New EUNO·PAY Chain and SWAP.

- SWAP portal closed, 6 Billion coins SWAPPED, SWAP completed.
- SWAP to new chain (8 Billion coins, MN, POS, EOL:2035) COMPLETED 11/15.
- Premine of the new chain was 400 Million less than it should’ve been based on the circulation supply of the old chain. Burned coins were restored and are minable increasing chain life to 2035.
- New Chain is super fast, stable, secure, and ready for EUNO·PAY.
- Cold staking — Available
- Testnet — Available
- Rebranding — DONE
- Your favorite bot EUNA is back and better than ever!
- Now listed on ATOMARS Exchange
- Integration with a top 10 exchange — IN PROGRESS
- EUNO·PAY is on the way!

We will end the year ready to take off, as we will be on major exchanges, we have chain life and scalability, the core team and fearless leader continue to trailblaze behind the scenes, and we have the best community ever!
Stay tuned in and join the EUNO· community at the following links:
The latest wallet can be downloaded here:



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